Fire Damaged Furniture Restoration in Fort Pierce

fire damaged furniture fort pierceFire and water can cause significant damage to your home and your belongings. In particular, your furniture can be greatly impacted. Fire and smoke damaged furniture, whether fabric, wood, or leather, may be restorable. Since furniture items may be antique, family heirlooms, or hold special sentimental value, you may want to try to restore these items when possible.

Furniture Damage Assessment

When you call CORE, we will complete a damage assessment to determine if your furniture can be restored, and if it would be cost effective to do so, taking into account any personal and sentimental value.

At CORE Contents in Ft. Pierce, we can help you decide if it worthwhile to restore your furniture, or other contents of your home after a fire. We can evaluate your fire, smoke, and/or water damaged furniture (or other contents) to determine if the items can be restored, and provide you with an estimate of the cost to restore your damaged items. Also, if your loss is covered by insurance, we can work directly with you and your insurance company.

Upholstered Furniture Restoration Services

Even though upholstered items absorb water, smoke odors and soot after a fire, restoration is not out of the question. Let CORE assist you in making that determination.

Whether you choose to restore or replace your items, CORE can help with inventory, pack-out, and transportation to our climate-controlled, secure facility in Ft. Pierce.

Wood Furniture Restoration

Most wood furniture can be cleaned to remove smoke odor and soot residues after a fire. Some wood furniture may need to be resurfaced after suffering fire damage. Hardware such as metal knobs or handles may require additional attention to prevent damage.

Leather Furniture Restoration

Leather furniture must be cleaned and conditioned carefully after a fire to remove smoke odors and soot stains. Leather furniture is difficult to restore after it has been damaged without the help of a professional restoration technician.

CORE Contents Restoration looks forward to working with you in the restoration of your damaged contents. CONTACT CORE TODAY to find out how CORE can help.