Emergency Services and Contents Cleaning St. Lucie

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When your St. Lucie home is damaged by a fire or water, the physical contents of your home are also damaged, but this does not always mean they are lost. CORE Contents specializes in cleaning and restoring the physical contents of your home, whether they are family heirlooms, high-value items or just items with personal sentimental value.

CORE can respond to any water or fire damage emergency and handle the cleaning and restoration of contents in the home or business. Our dedicated team means that your belongings get special attention during the restoration process, and things that may have been thought to be a loss can actually be restored and returned to you.

Emergency Contents Cleaning

The sooner contents cleaning can begin, the greater the likelihood the items can be restored. We at CORE provide emergency response for packout and contents cleaning after a fire or water damage emergency in St. Lucie. Whether the contents of your home or business have been damaged by fire, water, or smoke damage, our specialized contents cleaning team is available to get to work quickly restoring your contents.

We know that there is often an emotional connection with personal belongings, and when those items are damaged by fire or water, it can be devastating. Our contents cleaning team will work with you to identify contents that you would like restored and cleaned, and we will careful inventory, pack, and move these items to our secure facility for cleaning. After your belongings have been cleaned and your property restored, we will deliver the items back to you. Not all items can be restored after a fire or flood, but our team will do our best to save your items.

Appliance and Electronics Cleaning

When your property is affected by fire or water, your contents can be affected even if they are not directly damaged. Smoke damage or increased humidity can damage electronics and appliances that require specialized cleaning to ensure safe operation. Electronics and appliances can be easily damaged, and can be costly to replace. By utilizing specialized content cleaning techniques, CORE can provide guidance for the restoration of your electronics and appliances.

Books, Documents and Artwork Restoration

Some items are more susceptible to damage after a disaster and these can include books, paper documents and artwork or photographs. While these items are easily damaged, they often hold the most personal value. Advanced technologies can be used to restore family photographs, important documents, books and artwork.

Textile Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning

Textiles that are damaged after a fire or flood can include clothing, upholstered furniture, bedding, and draperies. Whether an item can be restored will depend on the type of material and the extent of the damage.

Contents Cleaning St. Lucie

At CORE Contents, we use specialized processes and advanced cleaning technologies to restore your personal belongings. While some items are permanently damaged after a fire or water damage, many items can be cleaned and restored. And when it comes to our personal belongings, it can mean the difference between losing everything, and being able to retain personal sentimental belongings or important documents.

Cleaning contents can be less expensive than the cost of replacement, and is an effective solution for rare or high value items such as artwork, books, paper documents, collectibles and fine China.

Contact CORE Contents for emergency contents cleaning services in St. Lucie and surrounding areas.