CORE Can Clean Your Contents

CORE is the company you want to call to take care of any belongings that have been damaged from water, fire, mold or smoke damage.

The equipment that we use is specialized for the restoration of contents and is the best available in the industry today. All of our contents restoration technicians have been trained and certified in the cleaning of contents. Sometimes, the cleaning of contents is the most important to the homeowners; that is completely understandable! We have even been able to restore items that the homeowner themselves thought would be unsalvageable. To do this, we use many different cleaning solutions, materials, and equipment to make sure that your items are free of soot, odors, or any bacteria. Our processes and equipment include, but are not limited to: O-Zone treatment, spray and wipe, immersion cleaning, dry cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, the use of drying chambers, and deodorization.

After your items have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, they will then be put through the O-Zone chamber once more to ensure that they are completely free of any odors. After this has been completed, your items will be stored in a secure and climate controlled chamber until the extensive restoration of your property has been completed. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that our technicians will take the best possible care of your items and treat them as if they were their own.