Cleaning Smoke Damaged Electronics in Ft. Pierce

electronics cleaning ft. pierceWhen your Ft. Pierce home or business is damaged by fire, you may not realize that your electronics and electrical equipment may also be damaged by smoke. Electronic equipment is sensitive to corrosive smoke, and even non-corrosive damage can occur when electrical equipment short-circuits due to soot and smoke residues.

So where does this corrosive smoke come from? Modern building materials can release toxic and corrosive gasses when burned, and these gasses combine with moisture to form acids that can significantly damage electronics components. Quick action after a fire is necessary to prevent damage.

Preventing Corrosive Damage to Electronics After a Fire

After a fire, corrosive gases combine with moisture in the air and can cause rapid corrosion of electronics and electrical connections. If the surface of the electronic device is wet, or there is excessive humidity in the air, this can cause rapid corrosion to occur.

To prevent corrosive damage to your electronics after a fire, it is crucial that the items are removed to a climate-controlled facility for cleaning and storage as soon as possible. Skilled electronics cleaners in Ft. Pierce can clean and restore your electronics and will know the proper steps to take to clean the equipment and to prevent additional damage.

Why Clean Electronics After a Fire?

Cleaning and restoring electronics after a fire can provide significant cost savings over replacing the electrical equipment. If your business uses specialized equipment that may not be readily available, it may be faster to restore the equipment so you can resume business with the least amount of interruption.

Electronics or electrical equipment in the vicinity of the fire that was not directly affected by heat or flames can still have damage from smoke or corrosive gases. Only a skilled electronics cleaner can determine if the equipment has been contaminated and the best methods for cleaning and restoration. Electronics not contaminated should be protected or removed until restoration is complete on the building.

CORE can assist you after a fire to coordinate the restoration of your electronics in Ft. Pierce. CORE can assist you in securing service by a restoration electronics cleaning and can help determine which electronics are salvageable. Contact CORE now learn more!